Prashnat Kishor re-branded old campaigns in Punjab

Captain Amarinder Singh has pinned high hopes on well-known poll strategist Prashant Kishor for forthcoming assembly polls in Punjab. Prashant Kishor might have orchestrated high profile ‘Coffee with Captain’, but it is nothing but a replica of ‘Chai pe charcha’.


Prashant is an expert of personality centric campaigns and his strategy is focused around projecting that person as the change maker having solution to all the problems of the electorate. His strategy worked in case of Narender Modi with ‘chai pe charcha’ becoming talk of town across the country.

Different ball game


 Prashant’s task here is different from what it was in the case of Narender Modi. In case of Modi, he had to deal with opponents from other parties but with Captain, he needs to target his opponents from within the party. With Congress, the fire fighting has to begin from home and he needs to put the house in order first before taking on the opponents.

Factionalism, infighting and leadership issues, there are many ills afflicting Punjab unit of Congress and Prashnat needs to face all those issues before embarking on poll campaign.

Mayhem at Congress meeting

Prashant was welcomed with unruly behavior party workers and he has been witness to meeting ending with utter chaos. The Congress meetings are nothing but an opportunity for local leaders and ticket aspirants to show their strength and trying to overpower each other, majority of the time, unruly scenes are witnessed at local levels.

Unable to bear the mayhem, in one such meeting at Majha region, he walked out midway. Prashnt has another big challenge ahead of him. Captain Amarinder is used to working with a coterie and leaders close to him do no see eye to eye with Prashant. Under such circumstances his troubles will aggravate as the elections time approaches.

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