Rahul leading to a troubled house for Congress

“In a balancing act to placate the disgruntled leaders and to douse the steam of dissent within Punjab unit of Congress, Rahul Gandhi went on an overhaul drive. But instead of removing the negativity, it worsened the situation.”


Coming out of the protective cover of his mother, Congress Vice President Sonia Gandhi has started taking crucial decision on his own. Rahul Gandhi decided to appoint Amarinder Singh as state chief and make him the party’s face for the elections. He was hoping this move would galvanize the party in the run-up to crucial polls in Punjab and remove factionalism, but instead the move seems to have backfired.

Rahul’s effort going in vain

Rahul Gandhi knows it well that the Congress’ chances are bleak in the assembly elections that are underway this year, which are – Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. As a consequence, Rahul is banking heavily on Punjab for Congress party’s revival. Rahul is doing all that is possible to consolidate the fragmented party but unfortunately for him all his hard work is going in vain.

Ahead of general elections, Rahul was made Vice President, much against the resistance of senior Congress leaders and was entrusted with responsibility of heading the elections campaign committee. Congress had witnessed the worst performance in its history and couldn’t even register 50 Lok Sabha seats. The way things are moving with Punjab congress similar situation is predicted even by some of the leaders from Punjab.

Another shot misfired


Rahul is always in favor of giving important positions to young, promising leaders. In a move to accommodate a ‘dalit’ leader in the party leadership, Rahul appointed Charnajit Singh Channi as leader of opposition. Inexperienced Channi replaced Sunil Jakhar, a respected and competent leader. This move didn’t go well with majority of the legislatures of Congress party and thin attendance of Congress legislatures during budget session of assembly validated the fact.

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