Living in an illusive world, congress thinks much can happen over coffee

“With an aim to shun princely habits of ‘Mahraja Sahib’ and make him mingle with the people on the ground, ‘Coffee with Captain’ was orchestrated to woo Punjab voters ahead of polls. But failing to make an impression, it is drawing public ire on social media.”


 Contesting his last elections, Captain Amarinder is leaving no stone unturned to make a mark in upcoming assembly polls scheduled early next year. Out of power for 10 years now, captain is going all out woo Punjabi voters. Much against the wishes senior Congress leaders, Captain ensured that the party hired leading poll strategist Prashant Kishor. It is noteworthy that senior leaders had put their weight behind Ambika Soni for heading the poll campaign in state.

Out-of-box, out of sight idea

Relying heavily on modern concepts of marketing and branding, Prashnt Kishor has initiated a poll campaign with a heavy dose of marketing gimmicks. But being a novice in politics, serious questions marks are being raised over his experiments.


In order to attract young voters of Punjab, Prashant Kishor has conceptualized a Coffee date with Captain Amarinder Singh through much hyped ‘Coffee with Captain’ event.

Fails to make an impression

Heavily promoted on social media, this event managed to draw hype but the ground reality reflects a stark contrast to the image projected on social media. Captain Amarinder is projected as one among the masses, who has the answers to the problems faced by common people of Punjab.


The well-orchestrated event conducted by Prashant Kishore’s organization, Indian Political Action Committee (IPAC) failed to make an impression. First of such event turned out to chaotic as the youngsters who had enrolled for the session, began overpowering each other rather than asking questions to captain as planned.

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