‘Maharaja Sahib’ not ready to shed his Royal tag

“Forever associated with his aristocratic background, Captain Amarinder Singh, a member of the Patiala royal family doesn’t want to shed his royal image despite the growing dissent amid party cadre.”


 A good political leader is someone, who can lead from the front at the same time take everyone along. Like the head of the family clan, he/she should be concerned about each and every stakeholder and leader’s voice should be echoed by one and all. Punjab congress chief, Captain Amarinder Singh certainly doesn’t fit the bill in this context. As he is always knows for living a royal life and being inaccessible, surrounded only by a coterie.

Inaccessible leader


Addressed as ‘Maharaja Sahib’, Captain Amarinder Singh likes to lead a life king-size and likes to indulge in all the luxuries of life. He is always surrounded by a coterie and he is least bothered by the plight of common man. Now after becoming the state party chief, he has not maintained a communication flow with the party cadre and there has been no audience to Congress chief other than his coterie.

It must be noted that Captain had gone all out to ensure that former Chief Partap Singh Bajwa was removed from the post and instead he was made the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), President.

Congress leader up in arms against Captain

Not shedding his ‘royal’ tag, Captian Amarinder Singh still functions in an autocratic manner. He is made the state unit chief but he cut off the entire communication channel with party workers. Under captain’s leadership one-way communication is being followed and he is totally inaccessible to the party cadre.

Further validation to the point is that fact the media coordinator of the state and senior Congress leader, Bir Davinder Singh has decided to quit from the post for not being allowed with captain.

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