Congress is master of ‘divisive politics’

“From being the reason of eruption of militancy to rise of Sikh militant Bhindranwale and to Khalistan platform ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ very recently, there are enough evidences that Congress has always tried to break the peaceful & harmonious fabric of state.”


 Sikh insurgency was the darkest spot in the history of Punjab, which led to bloodbath for more than a decade. Peace was restored with lot of hardship and people of Punjab had to pay a huge price for that. Being a border state, Punjab is highly sensitive in nature.

Any move by a political party to compromise with the sovereignty and peace of Punjab can prove to be extremely dangerous. Captain Amarinder Singh has already announced 2017 to be his last elections and Congress is not leaving any stone unturned. It doesn’t even shy away from siding with Sikh hardliners for political gains.

Congress siding with Sikh radicals


Congress has a long history of siding with radical element and Congress had invented Bhindrawale, a Sikh militant for their political gains. Going against the party, which had nurtured him, Bhindrawale waged a war against the state and Congress leaders. It must be noted here that Bhindrawale endorsed views of Congress party and shared dais with Indira Gandhi and later People of Punjab had to pay a huge price in wake of their personal animosity.

Now congress has been fuelling extremist element in state, the party was behind the recently held ‘Sarbat Khalsa’, a Sikh Congregation, which later proved to be stage for Khalistani propaganda. Congress leaders were not only present at the congregation but were instrumental in framing of resolutions passed at ‘Sarbat Khalsa’, which included demand for a Khalistan state.


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