With no candidate on 75 seats, Congress becomes junkyard of disgruntled leaders

“India’s grand old political party where seats were contested as hotly as elections, Punjab Congress Chief, Captain Amarinder is welcoming all the turncoats in the party, which is marred with a situation with no credible candidate in as many as 75 seats.”


 The faction-ridden Punjab unit of Congress party has become the junkyard of disgruntled leaders from other parties and political leaders who fail to make an impression in their parties are joining congress left right and center. Recent induction of 12 dissidents from Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is a testimony to the fact.

No credible face in 75 seats

It must be noted that the party the party chief in state Cpatain Amarinder has gone on record to state that the party has 42 MLAs an don the remaining 75 seats they would have to field defeated candidates or find new ones. Here is a huge opportunity for the disgruntled political leaders from other parties. It is an open invitation from captain to all dissenters and rebel leaders to come and join congress party.

In such scenario, all the leaders from other political parties, who fear of not getting assembly ticket, are joining congress in horde.

Murmur of dissent amongst old timers

In the party led with factionalism, murmur of dissent against the autocratic style of functioning by state party chief s slowly surfacing in the public forum. Party insiders feel that even the MLAs lobbying behind Amarinder cannot be sure of getting a ticket. Many factors come into play while taking the decision on allotment of tickets, which includes kinship, loyalists of Punjab and Delhi leaders and caste and religion permutations.

While captain is inducting leaders in large chunk with an aim to create an image of being seen as sought after political party, perhaps he needs to understand that creating too many ticket contenders will only muddy the waters in the last leg.


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