PPCC Chief offers 75 seats to the Political harlots


Congress welcomes the turncoats in party fold

The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Chief and former Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt Amarinder Singh has welcomed the turncoats in the party fold.

As per the information, the party has been offering assembly seats to the political leaders who are capable to win the poll in their respective constituency.

Capt Amarinder said that the party would field the turncoats from different assembly seats. The move hinted that the party has been lacking the capable candidates for the 2017 polls.

Everything is fare in love and politics

Aroosa Alam Capt. Amarinder Singh

For Capt Amarinder Singh, everything is fare in love and politics. He has proved the saying by admitting his friendship with his girlfriend, Aroosa Alam who hails from Pakistan.

In politics, he has been introducing his new concept of welcoming the other party leaders who had tasted defeat in 2012 elections.  He said win ability would be the sole criterion to decide candidates and there were 75 seats where the party had no candidates. “We have 42 MLAs, and on the remaining 75 seats we will have to field defeated candidates who have the potential to win or find new ones,” the former CM said.

Party baiting by offering seats to traitors

In the past, the Congress has been welcoming many into its fold and the joining of every leader and celebrity is being described as unconditional.

In January, as Congress-turned-Akali leaders Deepinder Dhillon and Harinder Mann returned to the party, Amarinder had said that at times good candidates got left out of ticket distribution but no seats had been promised. But close aides of both Dhillon and Mann claim that after being left high and dry once by the Congress, both had joined only after being promised tickets.

So was Sufi singer Hans Raj Hans, who, too, had claimed that he had joined hands with the Congress in February “to see Punjab prosper and grow”. In less than a month, Hans prospered to the Congress list of Rajya Sabha nominees, only to be dropped unceremoniously.

 Capt Amarinder to dupe old timers

A senior party leader on anonymity basis said, “Even the MLAs rallying behind Amarinder cannot be sure of getting a ticket. When tickets are decided in the Congress, many factors come into play, including kinship, loyalists of Punjab and Delhi leaders and caste and religion permutations. While it helps a political party in the perception game to be seen as sought after, creating too many ticket contenders will only muddy the waters once the race for tickets begins.”




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