Why is Rahul Gandhi mum on SYL issue?

“Rahul Gandhi has been vociferously raising his voice against all the major issues afflicting Indian society. It is surprising in this context that Rahul is maintaining a silence on sensitive and emotive issue of SYL, considering that his family had been responsible for the construction of canal and robbing Punjab of its water.”


State of Punjab had to suffer a lot in wake of water sharing pact between neighboring states of Haryana & Rajasthan. Congress led governments in Punjab along centre helmed the construction of contentious Satluj-Yamuna link (SYL). In the year 1982 Indira Gandhi started the canal by ceremonially digging it. Indira Gandhi had negotiated a tripartite agreement between Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan.

Anti-Punjab stand of Congress

Punjab has suffered tremendously in the past due to the anti-Punjab stand of Congress. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi even sided with neighboring state Haryana and forced the state to sign tripartite water treaty paving way for construction of SYL canal.

Meanwhile Punjab Congress led by its CLP leader Charanjit Channi conducted a political stunt to fill up the SYL canal after farmers had started filling it up one day earlier.

Congress opposing a Pro-farmer move

In a historic resolution moved by Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, SYL canal is to be de-notified and the land acquired is transferred back to the farmers. Congress party just for the sake of opposing any move taken by ruling government is opposing this pro-farmer initiative tooth & nail. Completely ignoring the interests of people of Punjab, they are opposing it to score political points.

Now that the SYL canal itself has been made history by the Punjab CM, the Congress should support it in the interest of state but instead party high command was still to spell out its stand on the issue.


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