Dangerous Congress, playing with fire

“Congress has a long history of disrupting peace and harmony in state and for its personal interest in the run-up to assembly election in Punjab, Congress is siding with Sikh hardliners. Hunger for power has forced Congress to indulging in dangerous game of playing with fire in Punjab.”


Being a border state, Punjab is highly sensitive in nature and it has already faced turmoil for two decades. Any move by a political party to compromise with the sovereignty and peace of Punjab to reap political benefits would prove to be extremely dangerous.

Desperate to make a mark in Punjab polls, Congress is not leaving any stone unturned and it doesn’t even shy away from siding with Sikh hardliners for political gains.

Radical support

Congress has a long history of siding with radical element. It must be noted here that Congress had raised Bhindrawale, a Sikh militant.


Going against the party, which had nurtured him, Bhindrawale waged a war against the state. People of Punjab had to pay a huge price in wake of their personal animosity.

Now congress has been fuelling extremist element in state, the party was behind the recently held ‘Sarbat Khalsa’, a Sikh Congregation, which later proved to a Khalistani platform. Congress leaders were not only present at the congregation but were instrumental in framing of resolutions passed at ‘Sarbat Khalsa’, which included demand for a Khalistan state.

A large number of Congress leaders from Majha region are endorsing the views of extremist elements and it is now a known fact that Congress is hand in glove with Sikh hardliners.

Insurgency in Punjab was one of the darkest periods in Punjab’s history and Punjab suffered in the wake of militancy for over two decades. Radical views are slowly reviving in Punjab and AAP is now trying to ignite it for political gains. 

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