Congress hand in glove with organisers of ‘Sarbat Khalsa’

“It is a known fact that ‘Sarbat Khalsa’, a Sikh congregation turned out to be a Khalistani platform. Congress leaders were not only present there but they also endorsed the radical views.”


Held on November 10, 2015, resolutions were passed that included the demand for a separate Sikh nation.

It is no secret that Congress party is hand in glove with Sikh radicals and the party is siding with extremist element to gain political mileage in wake of upcoming assembly polls in state.

Congress support to ‘Sarbat Khalsa’

Not only did the congress leaders endorsed the views presented at the ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ but were even instrumental in holding the Sikh congregation.

As per news report widely published, evidence pointed out that Congress leaders of the Majha region, including Lalli Majithia and Harminder Gill, were even helping the radicals to collect people and were also involved in framing of the resolutions which were read out at the congregation.

Bajwa evading the issue


It is no secret that some of the congress leaders were behind framing of the resolution, which included demand for separate state. But shockingly the then Punjab Congress chief, Partap Singh Bajwa failed to recognize the vast proof of the manner in which Congress leaders were hand-in-glove with the organizers of the congregation on November 10, 2015.

It must be noted here that those who were appointed leaders at the ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ were facing the charges of murder and other heinous crimes.

Now question arises – how can such people lead Sikh community? They are anti-national elements who are hell bent upon pushing the State back to black days of militancy.

It is now clear the ‘Sabat Khalsa’ was organized with the blessing of Congress. Giving a testimony to the political opportunism of Congress, it also shows that they can stoop to any extent for scoring political points.



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