Warring, a non-sense legislator in Punjab assembly


IYC Chief passes controversial remarks on Sikh attire

The over ambitious Indian Youth Congress President Amarinder Singh Raja Warring who is also a legislator from Giddarbaha constituency crossed his limits in the state assembly on Tuesday.’

A legislator who represents his constituency in the assembly forgotten the manners during the session and he made controversial remarks on Sikh attire.

As per the facts, Warring has nothing to do in the assembly and for hitting the headlines he can utter anything.

Warring disturbed the session, made remarks on Sikh attire

In Indian political system, people elect their representatives and the representatives raise the issues of their constituencies in the assembly. However, in the case of arrogant Gidderbaha legislator, Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, no one has seen him raising any important issue of his own constituency in the past assembly sessions.

Whenever he speaks in the assembly, it shows his theatrics and nothing shows his logical reason in the issue. On Tuesday, when the budget session was on, he made controversial remarks on Sikh attire and he launched personal attack on rival legislator.

The speaker had adjourned the session for some time but it was resumed when Warring apologised.

Arrogant apology by Warring in assembly

waring two

He did not realise before making comments in the assembly. As usual Warring launched the personal attack on rival leaders and made remarks on Sikh attire. He even insulted the speaker who was requesting the legislator to stay in his limits while speaking. The matter was heated up after the wrong comments of Warring. When the rivals asked that Warring should apologise, he apologised in an arrogant manner.

Mr. Warring, Do you know how to behave in an assembly?

How can a legislator use such remarks in an assembly where the rules and regulations framed for the entire state? He should have realised that what he has spoken in the assembly and his way of apology was depicting his careless attitude. He should learn the manners from his senior leaders so that he could learn the art of behaving properly. This was not the first time when he used the wrong language. He had misbehaved so many times in the assembly earlier.





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