Capt Amrinder Singh to dupe Punjabi’s on drug issue


AIIMS study shows only .06 per cent population consumes drugs

The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Chief and former Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt Amrinder Singh started shouting about the drug problem in the state just for the political gains. Without having any solid proof of drug menace in Punjab, the former CM himself started a campaign against the drugs.

A royal Congress leader, Capt Amrinder Singh who never comes out of the air conditioned palace and cars will now roam in the entire state just to woo the voters on drug issue.

Scared Congress Chief will beg for votes


He has not procured any survey or data on the drug use in Punjab but he will travel in the state and aware the public about the cause. Complete eyewash by the former CM just to woo the voters of Punjab as this time if Capt loses the assembly polls, he would sit idle at his place for ever. The party high command has already told the Punjab Congress Chief that if the party loses the battle third times he would be thrown out of the party. The drug issue is just an excuse to travel in the state but the real motive is to beg the votes from the public.

Another “Shaikchilli” in Punjab


The former CM has promised the public that if he comes into the power he would end the drug problem within four weeks. If there was a problem of drug menace in Punjab, then why he did not do anything in his five year of regime from 2002-2007. When the assembly elections are a year ahead he is started shouting like the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal was also talking like Capt Arminder as he had assured that if AAP got successful in forming the government in Punjab he would change the face of the state within months. The CM who failed in his own state in Delhi was promising the people of Punjab to bring revolution within months. The reality is there is no drug problem in Punjab and the Congress Chief is projecting himself like a messiah of the people.

 AIIMS study shows only .06 per cent population use drugs

A study of the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences shows that only 0.06 per cent of the population in Punjab consumes drugs. So, the Congress Chief is exposed in front of the public as he has no proper facts and figures about the drug problem in Punjab. Moreover, the study has shown that there is no drug problem in Punjab. An authentic study has exposed the politicians that how they dupe the people on the fake issues and problems.




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