Capt Amarinder to give Rs 600 crore to Prashant Kishore


What is the source of Capt Amarinder Singh’s income?

After losing twice in Punjab, the former Chief Minister and PPCC president Capt Amarinder Singh has hired a political strategist Prashant Kishore for his poll campaign in 2017.

As per the information, the deal between the former CM and Prashant Kishore struck for Rs 600 crores. The head of Punjab Congress has convinced the party high command for taking the services of Kishore. Later, the Congress party had stepped the word that Kishore’s appointment was done for entire Congress party campaign.

But, the payment would be made by Capt Amarinder Singh’s pocket because this time the former CM would not take risk.

What is the source of Capt Amarinder’s income?

It is learnt that Capt would bear the expenses of Kishore’s heavy fee of Rs 600 crores. A question still rose against the Congress head that how come he would manage to give such a huge amount to the political strategist Kishore. What is the source of Capt Amarinder Singh’s income? The question is astonishing the public of the state as Capt Singh had not disclosed his source of income in the past.

As per the information, the involvement of Kishore is widely criticised by the Congress leadership as the party feels that Kishore is charging too much and he would only work for Capt Amarinder, not for the party.

“A decision has been taken and Prashant will be strategising for Amarinder,” said the source, adding, “It should be clear that he will be running the poll campaign for Amarinder and not for the Congress.”

Punjab vigilance had filed corruption cases against Capt Amrinder

The Punjab vigilance bureau had filed the cases of corruption against the former CM. In 2007 and 2008, two different cases were filed against Capt Amarinder for disproportionate assets. At that time, Capt had blamed his party leaders for pressurising the Punjab government to slap fake cases against him. However, the former CM had faced two cases of corruption and this time, Rs 600 crore fee for a strategist raises questions on Capt Amarinder’s wealth.




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