Controversy’s favorite Child: Captain Amarinder Singh!

Punjab Congress party leader, Captain Amarinder Singh becomes controversy’s favorite child. Being a blabber mouth and outspoken person, he remains in the news for his wicked attitude with opposition and even within his own party.

He made a controversial remark on the separate identity of Sikhs relating to Article 25-B of the Constitution. When he was asked about the same, he told to the media persons, “What we were 500 years ago?” He viewed that the Sikh religion is only 500 years old religion, and before that what were we! Indirectly, he tried to say that the Sikhs are part of Hindus and there is no need for such amendment.

Cap.Amarinder & controversies goes side by side

Various Sikh organizations demanded for the amendment of Section 25 (2) (B) of The Constitution of India 1949, but Constitution denies granting it separate recognition. It is a universally known fact that Sikhs have a distinct identity. Sikhism is an independent race and entire community stands same on the issue.

Time after time, Captain Amarinder Singh hit the headlines with his ugly quotes and sayings. He is responsible for granting clean chit to 1984 Sikh riots accused Jagdish Tytler. He always claimed that Tytler was not the part of riots. His statements hurt the sentiments of all those who suffered during the black year – 1984. The pains and wounds of that time are still alive in the hearts of victims.

Amarinder Singh in support of Tytler

The protestors felt that Singh has done it at the command of Congress in-chief Sonia Gandhi.

Apart from making false accusations or statements, Captain Amarinder Singh is involved in several scams and scandals. His connection in Amritsar Improvement Trust scam is well known to everyone. The Vigilance Bureau filed a chargesheet against him.

He was also accused of invoking groupism in his own party. The Punjab Congress was divided in two parts – one under his head and another part under Pratap Singh Bajwa. Rahul was reluctant to appoint Singh, the argument that caving in to such pressure tactics.

There were allegations that Captain’s wife Preneet Kaur and son Raninder Singh held several foreign accounts. Bajwa once alleged that Captain was planning to leave the party and float a new outfit called the Punjab Vikas Party. But strategically Captain finally chose the path of practical politics and asked Bajwa to step down.

In nutshell, Captain Amarinder Singh fails to fit the bill as a politician. He doesn’t deserve to be there in Punjab at all!

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