Punjabis to Repel Congress!

Punjab Congress, which is always up to blame Punjab as bankrupt and youth as drug freaks needs a strong repel from the Punjabis.

Punjabis should counter attack the forces involving in defaming or tarnishing the image of the state while stating as bankrupt and drug addicts to uphold their rule by all the wrong ways. Since its inception, Congress undervalued the achievements of Punjabis and Sikhs in particular for their own cheap political aims. Congress tries to degrade Punjab’s image just because they are not in power.

While Sikhs are being appreciated worldwide for their innovation and hard work, back home their image is being tampered politically. For all the obvious reasons it is being done with an inferior purpose. There is minacious design and a smudging campaign by the Congress on the social media platform. Such elements were acting on request of forces radical to Punjab, which is harbingering into a new era of comprehensive development in all the sectors.

Punjab has always been projected as an ardent drug-addict state. It even affects the flow of investment to the state. It is high time when all the Punjabis residing across the globe to join hands and fight for our respect and dignity.

Army recruitments in Punjab says it all

They should not let anyone defaming Punjab or Punjabis. See the real Punjab, riding high with a pace of growth and development. Punjab’s culture is touching sky in glory, youth is achieving milestones in sports, civil services, academics and in the Armed forces.

On almost all the developmental parameters, Punjab has done really well. From infrastructure, investment, education, growth, revenue generation to people friendly schemes, Punjab has proved its excellence. Today Punjab is a power surplus state. It is the first state ever having 4/6 lane highways connecting all the major towns.

World Bank awarded Punjab

The World Bank had declared Punjab as the best state in the nation for investment as it offers single window system. Punjab has been ranked No.1 in respect of Governance Index. In the overall development index, Punjab is on the rank two after Goa. Also, the state is likely to get 4G connectivity soon this year, making it the first State in the country to accomplish this feat!

Congress, in deliberation, ignores all the development and achievements of Punjabis and focuses on damaging the image of Punjab to show the world that nothing is well in Punjab which has a dignified glorious past. It calls for all Punjabis of the world to give a strong repel to anti-Punjab force like Congress.

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