For Congress, poverty is only a state of mind

For Congress party and for its leaders like Capt Amarinder Singh and Rahul Gandhi, the youth of Punjab are drug addicts and poverty only a state of mind.

If poverty is just a state of mind then why government had to bring in an ordinance on Food Security?  Why country had to waste crores on food subsidy? The persons on whom the Congress is banking for its resurgence is known for making stupid statements. To say that poverty is a state of mind is making a mockery of the poor in the country.

Focus of both these leasers has been only on event to event and photo opportunity politics. The congress party has also been misleading the farmers. These leaders should know that the voice of India’s farming community can never be silenced or suppressed and any attempt to do so would be countered with all the power by the common people. These leaders should realise that the voice of farmers is neither suppressed, nor can it be suppressed. This energy today is what we need to fight against the injustice to farmers.

People should tell Congress that ‘Enough is enough’ (Ab Bahut ho Chuka) and there will be no Congress rule in any of the states in the country. It played with the emotions of farmers and their misery when they were affected by crop failure and unseasonal weather.


Farmers protesting against Captain Govt in Punjab

Unseasonal rain had destroyed the lives of the farmers and Congress governments had done nothing to mitigate their sufferings. The relief that they announced for farmers was next to nothing, it was like rubbing salt in the wounds of farmers. The congress party had always conspired against the farmers. They (Congress) introduced amendments to a law only to benefit corporate houses and industrialists.

The Congress government had always proclaimed the slogans like ‘Indira is India’ ‘Congress ka haath garib ke saath’, ‘Congress ka haath kisan ke saath and ‘sabka saath, sabka vikaas’ (Progress with and for everyone), but the party had abandoned the farmers. The Congress party had been saying one thing and doing another.

Now the PPCC Chief Capt. Amarinder Singh for vote bank politics, is asking for a debt waiver for farmers. It is nothing more than shedding crocodile tears to mislead the AmarinderSinghmiserable farmers of the state.Capt Amarinder Singh has no moral authority to issue such statements. The question is why he remained silent at a time when the previous Congress led UPA government highly discriminated with the poor farmers of the Punjab when a debt waiver package of Rs 70,000 crores was announced in the country. Hardly one percent of the farmers of Punjab were covered in that package ignoring the gross reality that Punjab contributes to more than 50 percent of food requirements of the Nation. Preneet Kaur who was a Union Minister kept quite on this vital issue and so did Amarinder Singh. Did he keep quite because his family was rewarded with a ministerial birth?

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