The Rule Breaker, Captain Amarinder Singh!

Our Indian Constitution says that everyone is equal before the law of the land. However, for some people like Capt. Amarinder Singh, the President of Punjab Congress Party is above the law.

Known as a regular law breaker, the former Chief Minister defied giving his account details lying under Swiss Bank authorities. He must have faced the law of the land like an ordinary criminal. Considerably, no authority has so far asked the former ruler of an erstwhile State or questioned his wife and son, Preneet Kaur and Raninder Singh. If they are to be rendered with special treatments, then what was the need to ask the account details of Swiss Bank Authorities!

Amarinder Singh’s wife Preneet Kaur & Son Raninder Singh under radar

Without a doubt, it was all evident that his wife and former Minister of State for External Affairs, Preneet Kaur, having accounts in Swiss Bank which eventually became a political fodder to anti-Congress parties. And to everyone’s surprise Amarinder has failed miserably to come clean on the same. Also, their son Raninder Singh’s name has also browsed in having Swiss Bank accounts.

If he is clean of heart, Capt Amarinder Singh must face the law as a common citizen and should not use political clout to keep the truth under wraps. This concealment of facts made others to point guns on him and sparked the Swiss Bank controversy. He should quit politics to face the law of the land as a common criminal for misusing the tools of politics and building up huge corrupt wealth and drawing off billions of dollars through fraudulent practices. His silence on the issue reveals his failure of defense.


Capt. Amarinder Singh continues to don the role of President of Punjab Congress Committee, which results serious allegations of dishonesty. Congress faced a defeat in the previous elections to state Assembly due to their dishonest policy. And still they are in the loop and struggling for the upcoming elections in 2017.

We wonder, is this the real face of our democracy on which we boasts of. Is this political system justified the rule of law breaker politician like Amarinder Singh? This is the high time to thrash away such politicians to clean the system. Common man votes with a dream to witness a developmental phase all around. So it’s the responsibility of our leaders to make those dreams come true. Dishonesty or scams or controversies would lead them nowhere.

Respect the voters who vote for you!


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