Days of Amarinder over in Punjab!

The days of Congress Party and leaders like Capt Amarinder Singh were over not only in Punjab but in the country too as it had neither done any development in any state neither where it ruled nor had it treated other states at par when it came to devolution of taxes and the legitimate share of states.

As far as Punjab was concerned, the Congress intentionally held to the policy of discrimination with Punjab for decades during its long rule after independence. It had always shown a partisan attitude towards the issues of Punjab and Punjabis and Punjab Congress kept the State intentionally in the loop of discrimination.

Not serious about Punjab issues

Neither has Congress been serious to the issues of Punjab and Punjabis nor has its leadership been serious about solving the Punjab issues. This party with the history of a long rule in the country has fallen flat having a bleak political future because of its policies and myopic vision.  The slogan of ‘mahagathbandhan’ given by Congress in Punjab was a fluke. The fact is that the Congress never allowed regional parties to flourish under its wing. Those who decide to go with the Congress are sure to be wiped out from Indian politics.  In addition, we all know that despite a long spell of Congress rule, India was still counted among the poor nations.

The fact is that the Congress has lowered India’s dignity before the world. India’s pride and sovereignty are in jeopardy with Chinese incursions and Pakistan making mockery of our country. There is a need to free the country from the Congress’ bad governance.  After its humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha elections in the country and consecutive defeat in Assembly elections in Punjab, the Congress was trying to hoodwink the people by false promises but it would be completely wiped out in the State.

Congress only for one family

Nehru Gandhi Family  members with their achievements

The party which ruled the country for maximum period after independence remained focused only to promote one family rule-be it Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi.  Just to remain in power this party, Congress gave slogans of ending poverty and unemployment and misled the weaker sections of society. Such a party and leaders of such a party deserve to be shown the door from Punjab.


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