Neither Amarinder nor Congress can ever claim respect of Sikhs

A leader linked to a party that carried out the dreaded Operation Blue Star in Punjab, can never claim respect of Sikh community.

Indira Gandhi gave orders of Operation Blue Star

In this case, Capt Amarinder Singh, former Chief Minister of Punjab and President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee can never be trusted by Sikhs for his association with such a party that is anti-Sikhs and anti-Panth. People of Punjab question what have Rahul Gandhi and Amarinder Singh done for Punjab?  Are Congress hands clean? Was it not Congress that was behind the attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib and genocide of  Sikhs during 1984 riots?

Congress kept Punjab on the boil

What was the role of Amarinder Singh and Rahul Gandhi in the desecration incidents in Punjab and after that? Did not the two leaders try to make political capital out of the unfortunate incidents? Punjab is one of the peaceful states in the country and it was just a coincidence that the desecration incidents and the protests had immediately followed the farmers’ agitation, keeping the state constantly on the boil. And both Rahul Gandhi and Capt Amarinder Singh used this as an opportunity to burn passions in Punjab.


Congress involvement in “Sarbat Khalsa”

The incidents of desecration against the Guru Granth Sahib were a deep rooted conspiracy to destabilize the state. But unfortunately opportunist political parties used the series of incidents in to play dirty politics in Punjab on this highly sensitive issue. That showed their real intent.Punjab was doing more for farmers than any other state in the country.  The State gave Rs 50 per quintal to the farmers for the sugarcane crop loss.  Even for the destroyed cotton crop, Punjab Government paid Rs 640 crore as compensation. Not only that Punjab gives free power worth Rs 6,000 crores a year for tube wells to Punjab farmers.  The measures taken by the State Government for the welfare of Punjab farmers are unmatched as these include health insurance scheme for farmers, reforms in Revenue department to make the working more efficient and transparent by opening of 164 Fard Kendras and so on.

It is high time that political parties desist from their anti-Punjab agenda and concentrate on something positive, something concrete and something palpalable!


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