Captain Amarinder Singh, a FAILED Jarnail!

As per the rule of the army, a failed ‘jarnail’ (general) is never deployed on a lost front. But it came as a shock to everyone that Captain Amarinder Singh has been devised with a charge of a front, i.e Punjab Congress again where he failed miserably earlier.

The Congress misused their powers in the past. There were lots many crimes and allegations registered against their party or leaders. Captain was accused of sending innocents in jail and committing atrocities against them.

Captain tries to show guts, but is full of fears inside. He must look into the track record of the Congress, which remained hostile to Punjab and its people. He is habitual in making tall claims to safeguard the interests of the state and its people. The people of the state, particularly Sikhs that the Congress is and will always remain their first enemy.

congress sarbat khalsa
Congress involvement in Sarbat Khalsa in News

People of Punjab want peace and communal harmony. The Gandhis and Congress betrayed the sentiments of Sikhs to garner the political magnitude. This time also, they came up with a congregation viz. Sarbat Khalsa in Amritsar district to prove their anti-Punjab agenda as always. They support anti-national and radicals.

Another side of Congress is full of corruption. The number of scams, scandals and controversies surfaced during their reign is uncountable. It is essential to get rid of such party full of corrupt leaders and give our nation a new hope of subsistence living.

Congress Scams Total

Their approach and planning lead them nowhere but destruction! The alliance with separatists, bonding with 1984-riots suspect, joining Sarbat Khalsa, delivering anti-Punjab speeches, and enacting against farmers, show the true colors of the evil Congress party. Punjabis sincerely boycott the communal policies of Congress and other extremist forces. These groups created stir and instigated unrest all around the Punjab. But they forgot that they won’t be able to win the hearts of Punjabis likewise.

The fake political campaigns or rallies on farmers’ benefits are another political stunt made by the two-edged Congressmen. They play dirty games to garner the vote bank. Every one of them is wearing a mask of betrayal. Talking about Captain, he is a self-centered person. He is extremely selfish when it comes to his own benefit. He has no heart for anyone but for himself. He is engaged in building up his own money and wealth.

In a nutshell, ‘Quit’ Congress to save the nation from corruption!


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