Congress mixing religion & politics for electoral gains

Punjab Congress has always mixed religion and politics for political gains and that has hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community. Capt Amarinder Singh is the kingpin to do all that for cheap politics and for political gains.

The overwhelming view of Sikhs is that religion and politics are a dangerous mix and the corrupt Congress Government should stay away from playing with the sentiments of the Sikh community. Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi was the third generation of Gandhi family to harbour hatred for the Sikh community. Rahul Gandhi’s remarks during his Rajasthan rally in which he said his grandmother and father were killed by communal forces were enough to prove that he still nurses hatred for Sikhs and had not forgotten the incident.

Third generation that hates Sikhs

Rahul Gandhi’s mother always hated Sikhs and so did his father and now he has proved that it is all in the family. He has proved that he is the third generation to hate the Sikh community. First she expressed hatred by sending Indian Army to Golden Temple, then his father and now he has shown his hatred for Sikhs.

Rahul Gandhi’s reference pointed out that he was still nursing enmity for Sikhs and this party could never reconcile with Sikhs. Another instance to prove that inference is that Congress was yet to bring the perpetrators of 1984 riots to justice. Almost after 32 years, he suddenly remembers his grandmother’s death.

Rahul Gandhi with Jagdish Tytler on different occasions

But what about those families who lost thousands of members are yet to get justice as criminals and butchers like Tytler and Sajjan Kumar are still roaming out freely. Rahul Gandhi had said that he was very angry because of his grandmother’s murder. Yes he was angry over her assassination but not sorry over what happened in its aftermath. The incident filled me with a rage, Rahul had said in Churu in Rajasthan. Rahul Gandhi’s remarks would once and for all identify that none other than the Congress party is communal in nature.

Rahul Gandhi’s further remark about his own safety, saying anyone could kill him like his grandmother and father, was the outcome of a dubious personality. Everyone knows that nobody is safer than Rahul Gandhi in this country. Is Congress aware what it is doing to break the social fabric where Hindus and Sikhs live together as brothers? The nation needs an answer.



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