Who will make a hat trick ? Capt. Amarinder or Prashant Kishor

The hunger for power seems to be engulfing the Congress party in Punjab especially when the state election is coming forth. Being away from power for the past 9 years and consecutively losing the elections has hit the backbone of Congress. The party is ready to adopt any strategy that will help it come back in governance. The most talked about topic in Punjab politics is the association of Prashant Kishor with Congress, the man behind the successful election campaign of Narendra Modi and Victory of Mahagathbandahan in Bihar.



There have been decided about Capt. Amarinder Singh taking help of Prashant Kishor to win the elections in Punjab, it is likewise believed that Congress’s decision to boycott the Khadoor Sahib election was guided by Prashant Kishor. Kishor has advised, Captain to concentrate on the state elections rather than jumping in for Khadoor Sahib by-election, the tenure of which will last only for a year. However, this decision was opposed by many as they believed that the decision has portrayed Congress being afraid and are escaping their fate which is doomed to be lost. Capt. Amarinder Singh believes that it is the need of the hour and they should utilize this time to understand the inclination of the people. The statement of Captain is believed to be backed up by Prashant Kishor.


Prashant Kishor , star poll strategist , who has 2 major successes in his kitty is thought will help Congress come back into the mainstream politics in the upcoming Punjab election. Without much of a delay, Prashant Kishor has started strategy for Congress party for the election, but the party is keeping everything away from the media, however the sources say that Prashant has met Capt Amrinder Singh and will soon start forming a team in the state. The question here to ponder over is , “Getting Prashant in Punjab will help Congress win the election and break its track record of losses ?” Drowning man catches the straw and so is Prashant Kishor for Congress, however few political analysts believe that Prashant Kishor might not be able to hit a hat trick in Punjab primarily because the image of the congress is completely blemished. Lately the party has been accused of corruption charges, Rahul Gandhi’s cold statement regarding Sikh Massacre in 1984, poor leadership, failed vision, charges of black money surrounding Capt. Amrinder Singh’s family has all collaborated against Congress.


The direction of the wind has changed, people used to vote based on sentiments and emotions, but now they have become more aware and educated, they desire to see an outcome. People have still not forgotten the City Center scam wherein Capt. Amrinder Singh was accused of accepting bribes and sanctioning the plan without verification. The opposition feels that getting a star poll strategist on board won’t help Congress to whitewash their ill-deeds. The past continues to haunt Congress and so the party is looking for every possible means to gain back the same prestige that it had years back.


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