Disputed regime of Captain Amrinder Singh

Untitled363After a lot of churning in the Congress party, Capt. Amrinder Singh’s name was finalized as front runner for the party in Punjab. Although Rahul Gandhi had thought about Pratap Singh Bajwa but Captain’s popularity among the party people in Punjab changed the decision.

Once a close aide of Captain Amrinder Singh has now turned against him. The war of words continues between the two. Bajwa claims that Captain Amrinder Singh is working against Congress and is a foe to the party. He also mentioned that Captain is planning to create a barrier in the party and will soon form a party of his own named as,“Punjab Vikas Party”. The animosity between the two is not hidden to anyone; Captain feels that the party needs a strong leader rather an incompetent one like Bajwa. Another episode of difference arose when Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, former Chief Minister of Punjab went against Captain Amrinder Singh and claimed her name as the face of the party in Punjab. While all this is running in Punjab politics, it was later added by another episode of dispute between Amrinder Singh and Jagmeet Brar, both the senior leaders’ are speaking ill of one another challenging each others position in the party . Although, it claims to be united but the internal conflicts seem to be gaining pace which presents a distorted picture of Congress in the eyes of people. Moreover, poor leadership of Rahul Gandhi; who took charge of the Congress party, is being considered as a major reason for division in the party.


The Party had to settle down with the name of Captain Amrinder Singh, when he emerged as a popular leader, moreover, his threat to create another party is also being considered as one of the reasons to finalize his name. Furthermore, at this juncture Congress is not ready to face any clashes, especially when the state elections wait ahead.

Untitled369Captains leadership in Congress was always questioned, particularly when he was found to be involved in City Center Scam that involved a lot of public money. With so many precedence of corruption and dispute it is difficult to interpret Congress’s future in Punjab. The state needs a stable government and looking at the internal clashes of Congress it is difficult to say that they will be able to work in a united way. Political analysts believe that Congress is having an organizational crisis; everyone in the party seems to be fighting a separate battle. All the senior leaders are concerned with their power while no one seems to be working as a unit. Though Amrinder Singh’s name has been finalized, it has not been warmly accepted by Jagmeet Brar and Rajinder Kaur Bhattal. Apart from all this, the party is facing the charges of corruption and black money. Although Amrinder Singh has elevated as a popular leader, his regime has been full of controversies which can be a reason of worry for the Congress Party. If the party stands divided now when they are not in power, what will happen if they win? The answer is fearsome. People should awaken and not go by the name rather look for option that can give them desired outcome.

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