Inquilab- the one word that terrifies Amarinder!

‘Inquilab’, the one word that terrifies Amarinder!

Captain Amarinder Singh known for his living “Maharaja” type luxurious life style, is these days a much scarred man.  He is scarred of his political opponents. He is scarred of people close to him. More than any other thing, he is scarred of one word ‘Inquilab’.

Historically, this one word ‘Inquilab’ had shattered his erstwhile Kingdom. Little doubt that the former chief minister has launched a a smear campaign against his opponents.


It appears that post independence memories are haunting Captain Amarinder Singh, when the iron man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had demolished the feudal kingdoms of Maharaja’s. It was the slogan of “Inquilab” or revolution that had brought freedom to India, hence sensing his imminent defeat and end of his political career.

What is wrong with ‘Inquilab’ slogan? There is nothing wrong with using the word “Inquilab” which only signifies a voice, a cry against tyranny and despotic rulers.

Here in the context of Punjab, “Inquilab” also refers to a campaign to liberate Punjab from the shackles of people like Capt Amarinder Singh, who had only brought misery to the people of this glorious state of Punjab during stint as chief minister.  His rule we all know was marred by many multi-crore scams and his rule giving him the notoriety as a “non resident chief minister” who was least accessible to people because he was either relaxing at his Moti Bag Palace at Patiala or licking feet of his Congress high command in the national capital. That not only meant comprising the dignity of the chief minister, but also of a Punjabi and also the state of Punjab itself.  How could a Punjabi feel proud of his or roots when, the chief minister of the state is licking feet of the Gandhi family to perpetuate his rule in Punjab.

How can Capt Amarinder Singh say that the slogan Inquilab will disturb peace, as we are all well within our democratic rights to raise the slogan of “Inquilab” or a change? How can he ridicule the word “Inquilab” which our freedom fighters had raised to gain independence from the Britishers? Is he not inversely making mockery of our martyrs like Shaheed-E-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh who had raised the slogan of “Inquilab jindabad”?

ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS IN PUNJABThe fact is that Capt Amarinder Singh had already conceded defeat though 2017 elections is still a little less than a year away. His announcement that no Congress candidate would contest election in Khadoor Sahib slated for February 13 shows either the Congress party is ill prepared for the by-election or is wary of the development taking place at grass root levels in Punjab. It shows his weak, rattled and petrified state of mind as he is unsure of his future which is likely to be sealed forever in 2017 Assembly elections. Best bet and face saving for Capt Amarinder Singh would be to gracefully accept the impending defeat and seek a walk over as his party sought in Khadoor Sahib. Or else Capt Amarinder Singh has no right to denounce a word like “Inquilab” which has come to us as a legacy from the martyrs.


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